Do you have the symptoms of low thyroid?

•     Are you fatigued or lethargic compared to how you’ve typically felt in the past?
•     Do you have aversion to or intolerance of cold?
•     Does your mind feel foggy?
•     Has your memory declined recently?
•     Do you have an increased need for sleep?
•     Are you experiencing slow and steady weight gain?
•     Are you constipated?
•     Do you have dry, coarse skin?
•     Have the outside thirds of your eyebrows become thinner?
•     Are you experiencing hair thinning or hair loss?
•     Do you have high cholesterol?
•     Is it difficult to get out of bed in the morning?
•     Is it difficult to enjoy life because it takes too much energy?
•     Do the muscles in your arms and legs cramp for no reason?
•     Do your joints hurt?
•     Do you find it difficult to concentrate?
•     Do you just feel “off” and can’t really explain it?
•     Are you fingers and toes always cold?
•     Are you feeling depressed?
•     Do you find yourself cancelling evening or weekend plans regularily because you just don’t have the energy?


Tired? Self-Test your Thyroid. | elephant journal.