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This is a beautiful story.  Stand your ground, do your research, and fight for what you believe in.

A VBAC Story: “I don’t want to be just a case number.”.



Why does having a vaginal birth, or a VBAC matter to women?  Why cesareans are a big deal to you, your wife, and your daughter « VBAC Facts.


Are you thinking about VBAC?  Here is some great advice:  Tips from a VBAC mom | A Warrior Mom.


Quick Facts « VBAC Facts.


22 great inspirations for giving birth!

Lowering the cesarean rates and raising the VBAC rates – great info from the Amish community.

Cervical scar tissue and it’s impact on labor and birth – really important info for women who have had LEEP procedures, D&C’s, etc.

Good news for VBACS finally!  Study from AJOG on uterine rupture and VBAC.

“After accounting for labor duration, induction is not associated with an increased risk of uterine rupture in women undergoing TOLAC.”



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