Each family comes to homebirth from a different path.  Choosing homebirth is a personal choice, one that is usually researched extensively.  Some come to homebirth because it’s a family tradition and something they have grown up with, some find homebirth after having a traumatic hospital birth and want a different experience for this birth, and some just find their way during their first pregnancy through books they’ve picked up or videos they’ve stumbled across.  However you find your way, we’re glad you did!

 Parents choose homebirth because:

  • They want to make informed, active choices in their care

  • They want to know and build a relationship with the people who will attend them during their labor and birth

  • They want minimal people in their space, when they are most vulnerable, and they want to choose who those people are

  • They want to minimize interventions that occur during their labors and be fully informed so they can make the best choices

  • They feel safest in their own environment

  • They want to minimize their possibility of having a cesarean birth

  • There isn’t a chance their baby will have interventions or procedures after the birth because their baby never leaves their side!

  • Their body and baby aren’t exposed to unfamiliar germs and bacteria

  • Siblings can be as much of a part of the birth as the family desires

  • They have the freedom to eat, drink, move, and birth in any position that works for you

 What are YOUR reasons for choosing homebirth?

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