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Empathising with the experience of a newborn baby can give great insight into ways to help them. Interestingly most of the methods that are advocated in the fourth trimester are ones that parents will often do instinctively. In many cases however parents have been warned to not ‘spoil’ their baby or ‘make a rod for their own back’ by holding them too much. The simple fact is that it is impossible to spoil a baby or hold them too much! If your baby settles in your arms and you are happy to have them then hold them as long as you want!

via The Fourth Trimester – Why Newborns Hate Being Put Down | Sarah Ockwell-Smith


Singing to your babies, whether they are inside your womb or in your arms – Parents’ Singing to Fetus and Newborn Enhances Their Well-being, Parent-Infant Attachment, & Soothability: Part Two.



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