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Great wisdom about taking care of yourself nutritionally in your pregnancy.



No need for routine glycosuria/proteinuria screen in pregnant women — The Journal of Family Practice.


Does your care provider do routine pelvic exams starting at 36-37 weeks?

“There are some studies that show a link between routine weekly pelvic exams in the last month or so of pregnancy and an increase in rupture of membranes (ROM) that occur well before labor was meant begin, meaning the membranes have ruptured prematurely, (adding a P to ROM, for premature rupture).   The natural onset of labor may be a week or perhaps only days away, but everything is not quite ready, and if effective labor does not begin induction frequently follows.  And when induction fails, as often it will, since the rupture was premature, and the body and the baby are not ready, cesarean is often the outcome.”

Read the risks and benefits in this great article.


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