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“Ignorance about baby needs fuel adult mistreatment of them, with ramifications on their health and wellbeing, social and moral capacities for the long term. Such ignorance lead to myths that adults believe and apply, in part because they don’t have their own experience and they’ve been taught not to follow their instincts. Ignoring baby needs perpetuates the cycle because the babies become adults who don’t have well-shaped emotions and instincts to guide their behavior.”


“Despite the unprecedented level of research into human lactation and infant sleep in recent decades, the out-dated concepts in this book are being supported with out-dated evidence — and opinion is presented as fact.” – See more at:


“Recent research conducted at the University of North Texas clearly reveals that the cortisol levels of babies left alone to CIO remain at unnaturally high levels even days after they learn to stop crying/cuing for help. However, the cortisol levels of mothers — which register as abnormally high when their babies cry — return to normal levels in the silence. At this point, mothers and babies are no longer biologically in sync. The mothers assume all is well; they interpret their babies’ silence as proof that their little ones have learned to self-soothe. Yet, physiologically babies can’t self-soothe. Rather, CIO teaches them to panic silently and detach from those whom nature intends for them to trust. ”


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