Sweet Amelia, born 2/19/2016

I have had the privilege of working with exceptional families over the years – truly a gift.  Here are some of what they have said in return.

Your love and kindness before, during, and after the labor and birth means so much to us.  I am forever grateful to you!
~ A

Your work resonates every day through our family.  Thank you so much for all you’ve done.
~ J

Words really can’t describe how thankful and blessed we feel to have met you and to have had you help us welcome our little bundle of love into this big wide world.  You truly are an angel.  Many, many, many thanks!
~ A, J, A, & D

Once again, thank you for everything you did in helping bring C into the world, and keeping us sane those first few weeks after.  As friends ask how the birth was, I can answer “wonderful” and so much of that is because of your support.
~ A, S, & C

Rowen, we cannot begin to communicate how much to thank you.  You helped to open our minds and hearts to an experience that was miraculous and life changing as we journeyed through the homebirth of our little E.  You will be in our hearts forever.
~ T, M, C, E, & G

As a previous L&D nurse, I appreciate the unpredictable nature of birth, as well as the incredible value of a caregiver who really, truly listens to you through pregnancy and all the way through the post-partum time. Rowen treated me like a valued friend and client. She listened to my hopes and fears and worked with me to safely ensure the homebirth I hoped to have. If/when I have another, I will definitely go to Rowen, as well as continuing to see her for my well-woman care.

~ B

My prenatal care from start to finish was superb. Rowen is a confident, knowledgeable, and professional midwife who has an amazing bedside manner. I was very pleased with the relationship that not only was formed between Rowen and I, but also the relationship Rowen formed with my 3 year-old son. Rowen very quickly became part of our family, not just our midwife and I would highly recommend her to anyone I know.

~ M

I could not have found a better midwife to birth with! Rowen was so informed on all aspects of birth that I always felt I was in good hands. She was especially helpful after my son was born; he had a low birth weight and wouldn’t latch, so Rowen helped us get set up with a lactation consultant and came to do frequent weight checks. I can’t wait to have another homebirth with her!

~ A

I really believe I had the most amazing, simple pregnancy and labor and birth, because Rowen provided me with so many tools to allow me to be in the best health and mental state for the time of my labor. She answered so many questions for me before baby, but also afterwards. I look up to her not only as a midwife, but also as an amazing woman.

~ V

Rowen is a very intelligent and caring person, and a with-women midwife. She had complete respect for my point of view while also being able to educate and provide answers to any questions I had. She took the time to connect with me and really understand what I needed from her care and I couldn’t thank her more for that. I wanted my children very involved in prenatal care to prepare them for our homebirth and she did all my checks at home, at my request. Her willingness to support my desired model of care was evident in every appointment.

I ended up having some unusual health complications and Rowen was completely dedicated to furthering her knowledge and skills to support me through that. She is also very well established and connected in the bay area and was a wonderful resource in providing referrals for specialist treatment.

If everything goes right, Rowen is the midwife you want at your home birth as she’ll create the space just as you want for a wonderful, emotionally sensitive, safe birth. If everything goes wrong, Rowen is the midwife you want as she’ll be in there to bat for you, working alongside the many bay area practitioners she knows well. I felt my baby and I were safe with her support and care, at home or in case of transfer.

~ R


Rowen is an exceptionally good midwife, compassionate individual and complete rock star when it comes to being there for her clients. After our daughter’s home birth, which lasted all night and into the morning, I happily gave Rowen a hug and thanked her for helping us have a wonderful, calm, sweet birth. I had been working with an obstetrician and knew I needed to switch over to someone who supported me, encouraged me and gave me options to choose from. I could not imagine hugging the OB that I basically fired for not treating me like a human being. Rowen supported my husband through the whole process, included him and made us both feel secure before during and after the birth. The support we got from Rowan after the birth was invaluable. We feel blessed that we found Rowen just in time when we needed her most. Our daughter is an amazing person and we feel that her life began in the most peaceful and joyful way possible.

~ G, A, & A

I was introduced to Rowen only a month before I delivered my first daughter, and without her, our birth experience would have been completely different. 

I engaged her to be my midwife for our second child the moment we started trying for him, and having her walk me through the process from the very start was the best decision I have ever made. 

Rowen, I cannot thank you enough for what you have given to our family. Two happy children born at home, and a wonderful experience both times. We are forever in your gratitude!

~ D

It was our fifth baby and the experience was far better than the last four in the hospitals. I would recommend this experience highly. You deliver your baby in the comfort of your home and Rowen is the best midwife.

~ S

The care and attention I received was unmatched. Prenatal appointments were always looked forward to and fun! My labor and birth were treated with space, love and professionalism. I felt safe. I felt respected. I felt in control. I was able to birth my way and it was perfect! Postpartum was the best and easiest I’ve ever had of all 3! I healed quickly. I felt cared for and my baby was well taken care of by gentle, loving hands!

~ J